it’s 2018

happy new year to everyone! time flies, and it is yet another new year. new beginnings. new happenings. new relationships. i can’t say 2017 has been the best or most fruitful, but i believe 2017 has thought me many things. 2017 thought me to stay strong and follow through any plan i have. 2017 thought … More it’s 2018

coping with failure

in almost everyone’s lives, failing is inevitable. whether it is failing an exam, failing to impress, or failing to even be yourself — I’m sure no one likes to fail.  failing to me gives me muliple waves of sadness. the first wave is when u realise you have failed. disappointment overwhelms your soul. the second … More coping with failure

the art of empathy 

before insulting or saying something, ask yourself… Is what I am about to say going to hurt somebody’s feelings? and if it is, think it through. if it’s not, state your opinion.  for example, you see a lady selling pizza at a mall. however, she is quarreling with an old man who is trying to … More the art of empathy