[kdrama review] Woman Of Dignity

this drama was such a refreshing watch, especially for me as i rarely watch mak-jang dramas, which are typical soap operas. to sum up, Woman Of Dignity (품위있는 그녀) is about two women who live very different lives. Woo Ah Jin (played by Kim Hee Sun) lives a luxurious life due to her wealthy father … More [kdrama review] Woman Of Dignity

it’s 2018

happy new year to everyone! time flies, and it is yet another new year. new beginnings. new happenings. new relationships. i can’t say 2017 has been the best or most fruitful, but i believe 2017 has thought me many things. 2017 thought me to stay strong and follow through any plan i have. 2017 thought … More it’s 2018

coping with failure

in almost everyone’s lives, failing is inevitable. whether it is failing an exam, failing to impress, or failing to even be yourself — I’m sure no one likes to fail.  failing to me gives me muliple waves of sadness. the first wave is when u realise you have failed. disappointment overwhelms your soul. the second … More coping with failure

the art of empathy 

before insulting or saying something, ask yourself… Is what I am about to say going to hurt somebody’s feelings? and if it is, think it through. if it’s not, state your opinion.  for example, you see a lady selling pizza at a mall. however, she is quarreling with an old man who is trying to … More the art of empathy 

stay happy always!

hello everyone, well my exam results have just been released and my results were not quite what i had been expecting. i studied really hard for the exams, especially science and i still got a C. i felt disappointed in myself and some of my friends failed their exams too. they told me “you passed … More stay happy always!


Chocolate The first scoops come tender, moist as freshly turned soil in the cup of the earth, i have grown to love its glacial warmth cloying shell-like on my lips, complete, sated, hard on the outside and soft on the inside, the way a mother is remembered. I see her now, lathering a spoon in … More chocolate

the flower garden

I remember taking this photo early this year in February. I was at gardens by the bay in Singapore with my family and the fresh smell of flowers made me feel invigorated. the flowers were multi-colored and it was an amazing sight. hope to go there again soon !! will definitely recommend this place to … More the flower garden